Time Lapse Photograpy

Time lapse Photography is one of my absolute passions as a shooter, its a tricky art that combines technical challenges with having to be able to forecast what a frame might look like as much as three years into the future.

From scouting the location to programing automated jib, slider, pan and tilt moves to making the last camera adjustments time lapses is all about knowing whats going to happen with both the camera and the space in the frame. What could be better!


2011-12 Time Lapse Photography

This video represents what I’m now sort of considering the “Mark 2 Era” of my Time Lapse existence… Partly because anytime you can make a good “This is Spinal Tap” reference you should, and mostly because it’s not like the Work I’m producing now, and different from what came before, it happens to coincide with the time I was shooting on my 5D MArkII the most, so I guess there’s that, but it also represents a personal era that has now come to a close…  Anyway,  it seems to make sense to package it all in one place and let it all live together.

I got most of the shooting done Utilizing the Kessler Crane equipment and Canon 5D mkII and some mkIII (W/Magic LAntern Firmware Upgrades), There’s even some T2i stuff in here that I think may have been shooting jpeg rather than RAW and it’s pretty evident… but, I liked the idea of letting some of the less than perfect pieces live on here as it sort of reminds me of the day or days i spent in a location trying to capture something compelling, even if I din’t…

This little piece I cut together for fun and myself I guess, so I thought no one would mind if I took a few artistic liberties. Many of these time lapses have appeared in my commercial work but it was fun to cut them together to Cinematic Orchestra, and let the entire time lapse just run rough shod over the music. There were a bunch of happy accidents that I just couldn’t take out of this thing, even though it meant exposing some of the rawer elelments of some of these time lapses, I just liked the way it worked out. Time lapses are such an involved process to create, and so frequently you only see them for a split second to drive home some dramatic point, it’s really rare to see one in it’s entirety.  So While I covered up some of the rough edges I left some too, as evidenced by the very last shot… and really the whole ending. Much of the ending was shot from a jet, and though I think it has a certain artistic quality that works wit the music, it was for all intents and purposes a failed experiment.  PSAdon’t break out your camera and try hooking up an interval timer on a comercial flight, air marshalls have a real aversion to timers, you will end up in Gitmo with messy sub par time lapses! For these shots I had the express consent of the pilots and the owner of the plane, also without real solid stabilizing equipment like a gimbal of some kind, trying to shoot time lapse from a plane isn’t generally worth the trouble. However,  I did manage to get a few seconds worth of the northern lights from 50,000 ft. over Lake Michigan and in this case, as is always the case, I’m glad I took the time to break out the cameras and shoot.