Lasting Memories

Who: Many people wish to tell their story or someone else’s for many different reasons. Some people have lived colorful lives and wish to share their experiences. Some people have seen amazing things and want a way to explain what they have witnessed in way that writing or audio recording alone simply can’t. Some people simply have something they want to say and  want to be seen as well as heard while telling their stories.

Why: Maybe it’s a relative who lives overseas or across the country, and phoning, writing, or email just doesn’t capture the expression. Maybe you want help finding ways of putting a cinematic spin on stories you have always wanted to tell. Maybe you have reached a point in your life where you want to preserve your memories so that younger genrations can learn of your experiences after you are gone. Maybe you just like to tell stories in front of a camera and let friends and family experience those tales from the web or DVD player. Whatever your reason we can help you make your memories come to life in High Definition!

Whatever your needs, whatever your reasons, Stearns Media Productions has the experience and equipment to make your memories  lasting. We can either author DVDs and/or Blue Rays or post your videos on the web, publicly (so anyone can view them) or privately (so only those who you choose can see them). We will bring as much or as little production value to the project as you like, so if you want a high end production with a full family photo and video shoot spanning one, five, or a hundred days we can do that. If you want us to direct your stories as if they were a feature film with actors with your voice as a narrative we will! If you want us to shoot them like a documentary we can! Or if you simply want an interview style single camera shoot we can do that too. No project is to big or to small!

Where: From the comfort of your own home, in a cherished location or locations of your choice, on our state of the art sound stage, or any other place you can think of. We have back drops of every type and can get any look you desire. If you want extra footage of the places where your memories took place we’ll go there and tie in extra footage to your stories we will, or we can put you in front of a green screen and super impose those locations in the background as you tell your tale. We will do whatever  you need any place any time to make your memories lasting ones…