Stearns Media Films Rev Run (Run DMC) at Wheelock Half Year Program

by admin on March 5, 2012

So the team was pretty psyched to capture the Rev Run half year program, the day was slated with a bunch of interesting discusions on diversity and we were pleased to be adding the second 5D Mark II to the arsenal. It was the ushering in of a new camera and I think the end of an era with another… our trusty HVX 200 looked pretty good especially with the Letus Depth of Feild Adapter a Zeiss 85ml 1.4 Prime and all the house lights that the Wheelock theatre cranked up.  However, the P2 workflow just isn’t working (for us) anymore, it’s just to many steps among other obvious issues… I think it’ time for the HVX to go…

We had a really nice shoot that day with Juan shooting 5D on Stedicam, Erich handling audio and manning a T2i with a 70-200 IS 2.8L series from the cheap seats me on the FS100 shoulder rig and checking in on the HVX all while Juan and I split time checking in on the 5d on the slider. We were supposed to have interns but I think the interns were promised to a lot of people so they did what they could for us, luckily we din’t really need them.  We shot a ton of stuff throughout the day all over campus capturing the whole spirit of the acceptance and diversity.

Here is a highlight reel we cut together from that day.




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