Stearns Media Productions to be Featured on TurnHere Blog

by admin on November 15, 2011

George Stearns of Stearns Media Productions was recently interviewed by the TurnHere Blog as a featured film maker for the Wild Bites Business Profile! We are proud of the job he did putting this one together and hope you take a moment to check it out!

A few words about the shoot:

I’d like to start by saying Tony Ortu is truly a character, and a really great guy to work with. He sent me back to my girlfriends with some tiramisu that was to die for!

With that said, Tony’s passion for the food he creates was the greatest challenge of the shoot. The shoot was scheduled for the evening so we could capture the clientele and vibe of a typical evening. Shooting during prime time made locking Tony down for more than five minutes really not possible, as he was running out to the kitchen to attend to every plate, and that made getting voice-over and interview footage a total nightmare! The good news: What I lacked in VO I made up for in B-Roll.

I left two cameras set up in the back room for those lucky moments when I could get interview. Then I set up a third camera for B-Roll in the dining room on a Kessler Pocket Dolly, it’s a three foot slider that is proving to be worth it’s weight in gold for these smaller one man shoots. I think the B-Roll footage I was able to capture that evening in the dinning room was my favorite, especially the slider move of the young couple having dinner.

I also used the slider for the opening shot of the sign out front earlier that day. The Pocket Dolly works great on it’s own but mounting it on a tripod allows you to pan and tilt the slider moves. For the opening shot I used a RR Micro Blue Follow Focus with an 18 inch whip to pull focus with the hand I was panning with, while sliding with my free hand.

One Caveat: If you plan on putting the slider on a tripod use something big and heavy, that you can screw the slider into from the top. Don’t mount it to a quick release plate, they put 1/4′ 20ml holes underneath on each end and in the center of the slider so you can use QR plates. But the Pocket Dolly doesn’t stay level when you get out toward the end of your slides especially if you use anything larger than a DSLR.

The overall experience was great, the Ortu’s were awesome to work with and there customers were eager to sing their praises. I spent a little more time at the shoot than the normal TurnHere shoot, but not to much, I’m guessing it took maybe two hours plus a fifteen to twenty minute break down.

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